How to Style a Human Hair wig?

If you wear a human hair wig, there’s no need to skimp on style. Just style your 100 human hair wigs to upgrade your look or to give your natural hair a break from the rigors of daily styling products.



1. Wash your human hair wig gently. The gentler, the better. Put the wig on a wig stand.

2. Comb the hair of the wig with a detangling comb. Don’t comb the base of the wig or the mesh where the hair is attached.

3. Roll the wig with hair rollers while it is still damp. You may use a spray bottle filled with diluted setting lotion or water to keep the hair moist as you work with the hair to style it. This will help the hair to adhere to the rollers and give a good curl to the ends of the hair.
If you prefer to curl the wig with a curling iron, you may do so once it’s dry. Curl each section of the wig with a curling iron. Skip to “Step 6.”

4. Dry the wig. Either let the hair air dry overnight or place the wig and wig stand under a hard hat dryer. Keep the setting of the dryer low. It will take 45 minutes to 2 hours for the wig to dry depending on the length and thickness of the hair on the wig.

5. Take out the rollers once the wig is completely dry.

6. Style the wig to your liking using gentle strokes with a comb or wig brush. Spray a light mist of hair spray or spritz to seal the curls and the style.

7. Remove the wig from the wig stand and try your freshly styled human hair wig on to see how it looks. You may need to add a few finishing touches to personalize the style of the wig to fit your face.

What is a wig stand?

For those who own a wig, a wig stand is a convenient place on which to store, dry and style it. There are several different types, from inexpensive foam heads to suction stands that attach to a table. Regular care and careful storage will help keep a hairpiece looking its best. A good wig is an investment, and a wig stand is only one of several accessories available to keep it clean and tangle-free.

Most people are familiar with full wigs that cover the entire head, or toupées for men seeking to hide bald spots. A wig may have a standard cap to cover the scalp, or an open one to make it more comfortable. Synthetic wigs exist that are virtually indistinguishable from those made of 100 human hair and cost less, although many are designed in a particular style that can’t be altered. The most natural-looking wig has a monofilament cap with hand-tied human hair that can be parted and styled in any fashion.



All wigs should be stored on a wig stand when not being worn. It doesn’t matter what kind of stand is used, since the main purpose is to maintain the shape. For wig wearers on a budget, new or used polystyrene foam heads can be ordered from wig supply retailers. Many wig storage boxes come with this type of stand. A collapsible wig stand made of wire or plastic is usually less expensive, and works well for drying because it allows airflow through the wig.

Some people prefer to use a mannequin wig stand that looks like a real head, with plastic skin and features painted on its face. These are usually weighted so they stay put better than a polystyrene foam head. The polystyrene heads are so light, they sometimes fall over when brushing or styling the wig. One type has a clamp that attaches to a tabletop so it doesn’t slide around. The suction wig stand has a detachable suction cup base to hold it in place.

A freshly-washed wig should not be blow dried; instead, it should always be dried on a stand that allows adequate airflow, unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer. Retailers and salons that sell hairpieces have T-pins to hold the wig in place while brushing and styling, and combs, brushes and rollers, along with special shampoos and conditioners for both human hair and synthetic wigs. Unless manufacturers say otherwise, they should be the only cleansers used. Blow-drying or heat styling will melt synthetic hair and can damage delicate 100 human hair wigs.

Uniwigs Help Center

Can I color the hair?
The lace wig is made of 100% Indian human hair. If you are experience in coloring this type of hair, you can do styling on the hair as you wish on your natural hair. However, we cannot give you any advise how to color the hair. You shall use the procedure you learned how to color the hair. We strongly recommend not to dye the lace wig since most of our products have been colored, especially wavy, curly or yaki hairs. During coloring, the hair may be over processed or damaged. We are not responsible for any damaged caused on the unit during dying. However you can dye the virgin remy hair as this lace is free of any damage to the cuticles when dying.



Can I do highlights on my wigs by myself?
We suggest you to find someone who is experience in dying Indian Remy hair and let her to do the highlights for you. We cannot give you any detailed suggestions on how to dye your hair. You can look for help from a stylist with experience on lace wigs and Indian Remy hair.

How to measure the length of the wigs?
The hair length should be from the head top to the hair bottom as the hair is straight. the curl and wavy wig is process from straight wig, so in the same length, curl and wavy wig will be shorter by 1″-2″ (it depends on how deep the curl is) than straight wig.

Will my wig fall off when the wind blowing?
No, when attached with glue or tape the wig will be very secure.

Will the glues and tapes cause damage to my skin?
We suggest you to do a skin test before use if you are with sensitive skin. Most people are all right with the glues and tapes. However, if you have sensitive skin, we advise you to start with the Spirit Gum or Hollisters Medical Adhesive.

Is the wig supplied with glue and other accessories?
No. The wig is not supplied with free and other accessories, only user instructions in the package.

What kind of glue can I use if I’m with sensitive skin?
If you are with sensitive skin, we advise you to start from the Spirit Gum or Hollisters Medical Adhesive, which can be bought on the internet. We suggest you to do a skin test before use if you are with sensitive skin. Most people are all right with the glues and tapes.

Who are suitable for these wigs?
These wigs are suitable for everyone including young and old people, also adults, teenagers and children. Also they are available for cancer patients, alopecia patients and any patients with hair loss caused by chemotherapy or scalp disease.

Can I wear this wig if my head is full of hair?
Yes, you can also wear the hair after braiding your own hair in small cornrows by beehive or straight back. Also you can wrap your hair back simply.

Can I wear this wig if my head is with no hair absolutely?
Yes. These wigs are perfect choice for women with hair loss caused by cancer, alopecia and so on. Many women will renew their confidence when wearing full lace wig.

Do I have to wear a wig cap with the wig?
No, you do not need to use any wig caps under the wig. You can easily part your own hair at the same point as your wig before wearing the unit, which will strengthen your parting on the wig while use.

Can I attach the wig by myself without any help in the salon?
If you are new with the lace wig, we suggest you to seek help from experienced stylist in salon for attachment. However, we have included the instruction how to attach the wig easily, and you can attach the wig by yourself following our instruction.

Silk, or Lace Closure? Lace Frontal?

Lace frontals cover a larger area than closure as they will have a temple to temple hairline. This larger temple to temple area in combination with the replication of a natural hairline allows for many off the face type of hairstyles that are not possible with a regular closure.

Closures do not run temple to temple. Instead they are placed in the “horseshoe” area at the top of a weave to close off the style. Closures can be installed by bonding, as well as by attaching with the use of clips. The most popular method for installing lace closures is by sewing the closure then installing the rest of the weave around the closure. The closure is placed close to the edge of the braided foundation near the hair line.. The stylist then sews around the perimeter of the closure taking acre to stitch so that the stitches are concealed.



How to care for and Prevent damage!

Since closures and frontals are delicate in nature, it is important to take extra care to prevent damage or balding. Balding is when your closure piece begins to have a spot where the hairs have come out of the base creating a balding appearance. This can be caused by, excessive tugging, brushing/combing, scratching with fingernails or foreign objects, applying product directly on the closure piece, rough handling, or vigorous washing. Closures and frontals while mimicking a real scalp or hair line, cannot be treated like a real scalp. You must handle with care. Each hair is individually ventilated into the base, knotted and secured with a strong adhesive. Based on the construction of a the piece, you should comb/brush the hair from the ends, working your way up to the root while hold the hair at the root to prevent tension. Hair loss on closures is relatively easy because it is not weft hair extensions. Improper care of your closure will cause balding and unfortunately there is no way to fix this.

How to apply and remove a lace front wig

1.) The first task is to create a flat surface for the wig to sit on. You can braid your hair down, mold it, or apply a stocking cap and/or wig liner. Most prefer molding or wrapping the hair when wearing a straight unit and braiding it when the unit is curly. The decision is yours.

2.)   Next cleanse your forehead perimeter with alcohol. this will create a clean oil free surface which will be better for the adhesive to adhere to.

3.) All the hair of the wig hair should be pinned up before placing on your head. This will eliminate the hair from falling and sticking to the glue. be especially careful of the baby hairs the stick easily to excess glue.

4.)   Gradually start trimming the excess lace, the goal here is to create your hairline, only cut small amounts off at a time. Refrain from making jagged cuts in the lace only smooth precision ones. Stork scissors work well for cutting the lace. Place the wig on your head, and evaluate how and where you would like the hairline. The goal is to find where the hairline will look most natural.

5.)   Mark or lightly outline where it is to be placed on your head. Do not apply adhesive outside these marks. You should be able to place four fingers between your hairline and your eyebrows for the most natural look.

6.) After you have created your hairline, apply adhesive to the hairline so it can stay on your head. Let it semi-dry before placing your wig over it. It should be a little tacky sticky to the touch not stringy, for best hold results. Press down with comb.

7.) Add glue to excess spots that you may have missed. Make sure you let it semi dry before pressing down with comb. Lace should lay on forehead hairline smoothly with no ripples

Vincy Synthetic Lace Front Wig

Vincy Synthetic Lace Front Wig

Below is the instruction for removing the wig from your head.
1) Pull all hair up into a ponytail, to provide better access to  hairline where remover should be placed.
2.) Apply the lace adhesive remover to the adhesive around perimeter of hairline. Be careful not to let it run in your eyes. Let remover set in for a minute or two, then gradually remove the lace.
3.)   It is best to clean the unit when it is completely off the head. Glue gets embedded in the lace after a while of wearing. This glue has to be removed  before shampooing your unit. Spray any areas that have old adhesive on it let it soak in for a few minutes then squeeze excess glue from unit.
4.)  It’s best to clean old glue from your unit before shampooing. You should let the unit dry naturally then you can reapply, style or store it.

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What is the “hair knotting” technics used for human hair wigs ?

Different hair knotting techniques are used to knot hair into the base of human hair wigs, providing different performance and results. The quality of the wig makers workmanship will have a great impact on the finished look.

Single hair, single knots are considered the best method of knotting producing a tiny knot for each individual hand-tied hair. Two or three individual hairs can be single knotted at one time speeding up the process to the detrimental of creating a larger knot with less aesthetically pleasing finish.

Yaki Straight Remy Human Hair Lace Front Wig

Yaki Straight Remy Human Hair Lace Front Wig

Double knots literally involve knotting hair twice to produce a double knot which provides a stronger, more robust knot. The resultant knots are however even more visible under close inspection. This is a particular problem when trying to create a natural hairline and for this reason most front hair lines should be single hair, single knotted on a flesh tone lace material.

The term hair injection refers to the method of inserting a series of hairs through a layer of polyurethane before coating the underside of the base with a single layer of liquid form polyurethane. Upon setting (or curing) the inserted hairs remain trapped between the two transparent layers.

Hair injection is a relatively new method of hair attachment, becoming increasingly popular due to its natural appearance, free of knots.

After receiving your order, we will discuss its feasibility with your technician. If there is no problem, your order will be sent to our factory. Our sales department will prepare related material, such as hair, base material and then produced by our skilled worker. Our quality controller in the factory will check its quality according to your request. Before the shipment, the QC will recheck it again.

Natural Wave Remy Human Hair Lace Front Wig

Natural Wave Remy Human Hair Lace Front Wig

Single Knots are hard to detect, but easy to shed, by contrast, Double Knots are hard to shed, but easy to detect. As to the advantages and the disadvantages of the two kinds of knots, we recommend single knots in front hairline 2 inches or around perimeter 2 inches.

It means the knots are hidden under the inside mesh( It has two pieces of mesh), and completely invisible, giving the impression the hair is growing out of the scalp. It is the best method to hidden the knots at present. But the procedure of processing is very complete, regularly needs 40 – 45 days to complete.

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How to maintain your wigs

Straight Remy Human Hair Lace Front Wig

Straight Remy Human Hair Lace Front Wig

1.  Commonly used to take off on the bracket
Every day when you don’t wear your wig, you should put a wig placed, put on the bracket.
2. Not commonly used should put them in plastic bags
If there is a period of time not wearing a wig or do not wear, it is necessary to collect the wig, it is best not to exposure in the air, easy to dust or messy, so it should be put a wig received the original use wig, or received in the plastic bag.
3. Regular cleaning wig
If often wear a wig, it is recommended washed once a week, cleaning time to pay special attention to the wig is not wash with hot water, will destroy the hair quality, and can’t be a long soak in the water. After the cleaning, the airing in the ventilation automatic air dry.
4. Hair care to keep the bright lubrication
Cleaning wig when must not hand to rub, see wig knot not to pull, should use conditioner, gently straighten out, and the use of conditioner wig will be glamorous, like just bought.
5. Sparse tooth comb to straighten out the wig
Usually take off the wig should use the kind of sparse comb gently straighten out the wig, clean up the dust. Select the sparse combs, in order to prevent the dense comb easily put the wig broken, can also use special wig comb.
6. Curly hair wig can’t use comb
If you hair is curly hair, then you must not use a comb to take care of curly hair Oh, and finally to gently take care of the hand gently on the line, with a comb to take care of the volume of curly hair do not.
7. Wig turn wet towel rescue
If the hair wig accidentally bent to do, must not use a hand to pull straight, easy hair. If you are too lazy to wash it, you can cover the wig with a towel to dry naturally, will straighten.
8. Non oil maintenance liquid nursing wig
Wig for a long time, there is no started to buy that beautiful black, actually every day before wearing a wig with non oily skin care liquid in the wig spray some wigs can not only anti electrostatic, and restore the original appearance, lubrication and stylish.

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Jewish wigs

Kosher wigs are for Jewish people,it is also called Jewish wigs. very popular among our customers for its high quality hair and comfortable cap with advanced workmanship. There are both full hand tied & half hand tied and half machine in our Kosher wigs / Jewish wigs. For the hand tied range of Kosher wigs / Jewish wigs, some of our customers called it “French Top” or “Skin Top”.

Sarah 14

Sarah 14″ Remy Human Hair Injected Skin Top Jewish Wig

The skin top is constitutive of three layers. The hair is knotted or tied on the middle layer, then the hair is pulled out from the outer layer, which is Chinese silk. It seems the hair is growing on the scalp, and we can’t see the knots from the outer layer because it has covered the knots tied on the middle layer. The inner layer is a kind of net to make customers feel comfortable to wear. This working procedure is the most advanced technique among producing all kinds of wigs. and it shows the most natural looking. The hair for our kosher wigs is 100% Mongolian Remy human hair.

Dana 12

Dana 12″ Remy Human Hair Injected Skin Top Jewish Wig

For the European hair, we offer both kinds of cap constructions, one is half hand tied skin top and half machine wefts, and the other is full hand tied with skin top.

Density is hard to gauge from photos and it depends on your hair length, how curly it is, how dark it is, etc. The pictures below are density chart (no bleached knots here!) which contains industry standard densities of 50%, 80%, 100%, 130%, 150% and 180%. By looking at our photos page you will see how various densities look in various colors and lengths

A Baby Hair is the fine hair that grows naturally along the hairline. The fine baby hair along the hairline gives an even more natural look.

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Wigs for cancer patients

Most people have never heard of Cancer wigs. You never know how having cancer will affect you or how chemo or radiation will make you feel and even worse, what it will do to your physical appearance. And that’s actually women’s number one fear about cancer (over losing their life!).
Some cancer treatments only cause hair thinning and some cause patchy hair fall-out while some cause total hair loss. No matter what type of hair loss you experience, a cancer wig can work with it.


22″ Straight Remy Human Hair Flip In Hair Extension

A cancer wig is technically called a “cranial prosthesis”, the proper medical term necessary for the prescription from your doctor for insurance coverage. What makes these cancer wigs different is that the cap (the part attached to your scalp) actually breathes like skin and can be attached for several weeks at a time while you sleep and bathe normally. Some chemo wigs were even FDA-approved to be hypo-allergenic which is safer for cancer patients which gave patient a little more peace of mind. And if you’re lucky enough to work with a doctor and a hair loss professional to get your cancer wig covered by insurance, the rest is easy. It was good when you came in early in the cancer process and also asked for a recent picture, a close-up headshot, so that the chemo wig designer could match your hairline and hair texture just perfectly. The technology and artistry is so exacting that even up close, people can’t tell it’s a wig.

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How to protect our hair from hair loss

Hair loss is a phenomenon of hair. Normal shedding of hair is in the regression period and the rest of the hair, due to enter the regression period and the new into the growth period of the hair is in dynamic balance, it can maintain the normal amount of hair. According to expert statistics, we have an average of about 100 thousand hair follicles on the head, the ideal state of each hair can grow 7 – 2 years, and then naturally fall off, the hair follicles for some time after the regeneration of new hair. 1 under normal circumstances, each day off 60 – 80 hairs; 2 if the hair loss of more than 100 days a day, the hair is gradually sparse, it is possible that pathological hair loss.

hair loss

hair loss

Facial features and central nervous system where the head is, often comb the hair can strengthen the friction on the head, clear the blood, improve the blood circulation of the head, make the hair black, strong hair roots, to prevent hair loss; hair also good for your ears and eyesight, relieve headaches, prevent colds; can promote the blood supply to the brain and nerve, brain refreshing, relieve fatigue, prevent brain aging brain aging.

Due to strong sebum secretion, some people hair greasy, long-term development of the hair dry and dull. Its progress is slow, more than 30 to 20 years old, the performance of the gradual thinning of hair and shedding. Vitamin B6, vitamin B2 and homocysteine on the regulation of fat and fatty acid synthesis, inhibit sebum secretion, stimulate hair regeneration has an important role, young people can be added to the amount of hair loss.

hair loss

hair loss

4 kind of hair food:
(1). Lean beef, iron supplementation in the prevention of hair loss, daily consumption of 170 grams of lean beef; (2)Kiwi fruit every day to eat a kiwi fruit with thick hair; (3) Sesame, edible linseed oil can effectively alleviate the hair loss;( 4) egg, the egg is let the hair follicles get fully nourish the secret weapon, but also to prevent early white hair.

Prevention of hair loss tips: (1) the diligent hair, sooner or later, comb your hair 100 times, stimulate scalp (2) transform hair comb, to massage the hair, promote hair growth,(3) hair thin people should eat kelp, cheese, raw vegetables such as, combined with massage(4) keep clean hair, hair loss patients usually pay attention to diet.

hair loss

hair loss

How to improve the hair loss:
1) decompression; 2) lifestyle law guarantee and rest to avoid staying up late; 3)a balanced diet, nutrition, ensure the intake of B vitamins; 4) UV; 5)quit smoking five, reduce second-hand smoke and third hand smoke inhalation; 6) maintain appropriate shampoo frequency, best 1 week 2-3 times; 7) to avoid hot water temperature; 8) don’t use strong shampoo, injury to the scalp is too large, the natural and mild shampoo is the right choice; 9)severe hair loss, the need for medical treatment.

What’s more, if you are really care about the beauty and fashion looks, wigs and extensions hair can be found online, hair extensions for thin hair and short hair also can be bought online.