Human Hair Lace Front Wigs

5 Helpful Tips For Human Hair Wigs


1.It is very important to brush through the hair thoroughly to remove any loose hairs from the wig or hair prosthesis before washing.  If the loose hairs are left in the wig, it may cause some tangling of the hair when the wig is washed and conditioned.

2. It is important to follow the instructions of the manufacturer in order to maintain the quality of the hair so that it will last as long as possible.

3. Do not sleep in the wig that you will be wearing during the daytime. Continuous pressure and friction on the cap will cause the hair to fall from that area.



4.The least amount of heat used in styling will prolong the quality, life span and condition of the hair.

5. Shampoos and conditioners may be recommended by the company where the product is purchased from or from your personal hair stylist that will be trimming and styling your hair.

Styling Advice: Although human hair wigs are suitable for colouring and use with heated styling tools, exercise caution and care and limit to a minimum. Do not use hot styling utensils or hairdryers on synthetic wigs. And keep away from all sources of heat. Use specialist brushes and your fingers to minimise friction frizz.

UniWigs Human Hair Complaints and Reviews


“Amazing hair and buying experience… seller had excellent communication sent me pics before sending off and kept in contact throughout my order. The hair is amazing quality and looks so natural, also was very easy to curl. This was my first time buying a wig and I’m totally in love!!! 100% buying again from this seller and recommending to my friends !”–Myesh D.

“if you’re dark skin I recomend you contact to service choose a dark brown lace color.”–syf

UniWigs Customer Show

UniWigs Customer Show

“I completely love this wig. The color (#4 I chose) matches my skin tone very well, and I really like the fact that the ends of the back are really thick.”–Jenna Mas

“I’ve had this hair for abt 2.5 months now and I still love it. I’ve gotten a little more shedding now than before, but not too much. Would purchase again.”–G.Hulse

“I ordered it on Friday and just received it today (Monday),crazy fast service!Beautiful Easter inspired dye job I did on my brand new wig from @uniwigs!Started out blonde,now it’s a silver/lavender to mint green/Aqua ombre.20 inches of pure beauty!!I’m in love! Wish my hair could be like this forever!!”–so_gabulous



“I like you the WIG buy a natural black But seems 1b should be More BLACK But I still love me is a poco big But This nicely, the seller thanks By to be patient and answer right away my questions really many thanks Eres excellent.”–Angela S.

“the customer service was awesome! The quality is great!”–Amber O.

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Uniwigs Pink Reviews



Today I want to show you how people say about the hot sale Uniwigs Pink.  This is a synthetic lace front wigs in short pink bob style and special featured ear-to-ear lace front for a more natural look. Heat Friendly Fiber – High quality heat friendly fiber looks and feels like natural hair; plus it can be styled with heat tools. Cap Size – Impeccably tailored to fit smoothly and securely around the head, it’s ideal for an average head size.

“This wig is perfect for me. I worn it 4 times and no issues. Its soft . Easy to maintain. Color is beautiful. Doesn’t hold a smell. Lasts a long time. I am ordering another one.” — b.fp

“Very high quality hair piece! It photographs well and looks absolutely real in person. Great for those bad hair days we all have and should last a while as long as you take care of it. Seriously a really wig, especially for the quality! “– rachelward_e

“Absolutely love this wig!!! The hair is beautiful, and it fits my head perfectly. Received many compliments! Delivery was fast and accurate. Will order another one in the future!”–kaylahagey

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Wigs cap constructions introduction


To choose a wig is to choose a lifestyle. When you look at a wig, you are not only looking at the hairs attached, you want to understand how they are made, with what kind of magic technologies can those hairs look so real. Lace front cap and Full Lace cap is one of the most traditional Lace cap, which is the most popular accepted by the population, Glueless Lace cap is a summary advantages of the above two kinds caps, can make the customer feel the natural hairline and the convenience of using less glue.



1. Lace front cap is 13 * 3 and only have hand hook in the forehead, then seam in the mechanism of elastic weft in the back of the head, it’s the most cheapest technology in three kinds caps, he has the advantage of cheap, and can do certain distribution hairline, also use less glue and the belt can adjust the size of head circumference.
2. The Full lace cap is all head hand hook, the elastic net is at the top, can do distribution hairline casually, although it use the fixed mold, but the top mesh size can allow about 1″ depth changes of the head circumference to adapt some other requirements.
3. Glueless full lace cap combines the advantages of the above two caps, natural full hand hook, adjustable head circumference depth, add the comb and clips for fixation, the adjustment of the suffix belt can also adjust the size of head circumference.

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Attractive African American Wig Styles


There are different wigs available in the market today that suits different kinds of women. From style, color, length and texture, wigs will definitely suit at least one girl looking for one. For African American women ,there are a wide variety of African American wigs that will suit the way they look and give them a natural appearance.
Enjoy a new style of your own creation and don’t be afraid to try something new!!!

Yaki Straight Remy Human Hair Full Lace Wig

Yaki Straight Remy Human Hair Full Lace Wig

Synthetic Short Hair Style
Thinking about doing something crazy to your hair? Why not thinking of making craziness into a lot of fun with a sweet short hair style. This style can make African American Woman feel more sexy and attractive. This style is simple to add color and deal with, they will be the perfect hairstyle to just wear and run out the door. The simplest hairstyles will make you look nice and fresh!

Long Curly Synthetic Wig Hairstyle
Get inspired with curl styles! Do not be afraid to try new hairstyles with your own curly hair. Curls can sometimes be hard to style, but you can always come up with something that was not expected such as like straight hair, ponytails, and different braid styles. Try some of these easy and fun long curly hairstyles to rock your voluminous locks, and you’re sure to turn some heads on your next party or business event!

Fabulous Hairstyles
Do you need a specific hair length to achieve the perfect look? No, regardless of the hair length whether it’s short, medium, or long you can always achieve a fabulous hair style. In the case of this round-up it’s all about the beauty, functionality and eliminates hair extensions. Come on, and try a Round-Up hairstyle and achieve that glamorous look you’ve always wanted!

if you want to buy a lace wig


To make a wig is just like to produce clothes. There are many size, Density and texture need to be done well.



Hair Density
Density refers to how dense, or “thick” a Lace Wig is designed. Density percentages range from 80% (Extra Light) to 180% (Extra Heavy). The density percentage selected depends entirely on personal preference. The hair texture selected could also impact the density. The density suitable for most women is 115%, which is Light-Medium. Most of the human hair lace wigs that we have in stock are Light-Medium density.

Hair Texture
Our Lace Wigs can be designed with the following hair textures: Yaki Straight, Light Yaki Straight, Silky Straight, Kinky straight, Body Wave, Deep Wave, Water Wave, Curly, Jerry Curl, and Kinky Curl. Additionally, our wigs can be designed using 100% unprocessed Virgin Indian, Chinese, Mongolian, Malaysian, Brazilian and European Remy Hair.

Hair Length
Lace Wigs can be designed in short, medium and long lengths depending on personal preference. Hair from each wig is measured from crown to tip to determine the length. We recommend clients to order lace wigs that are 2 inches longer than they may need.

Hair Color and Highlights
Lace Wigs can be designed using many color options. We can mix up to three colors, as well as create Lace Wigs with highlights. Additionally, we can create two-toned Lace Wigs upon request. When placing custom orders, please specify exactly how you want your mixed colors, highlights, or two-toned options to look. Also, feel free to send a photo to better help us understand the exact look you are going for.

Baby Hair
Baby hair shorter hair shorter hair knotted around the perimeter of the entire wig. It is also the same texture as the rest of the wig. Baby hair makes the hairline look more natural and also helps the wig be more versatile to allow high ponytails. In addition, it also helps cover the edges of the lace. Baby hair can be customized to your needs. For example, if you only want it in the front of the Lace Wig, or none at all, we can do that at no extra charge.

Our Custom and Stock units are all designed with natural hairlines. However, if you would like your Custom Lace Wig to be designed with a widow’s peak, then please indicate this while placing your order. Also, if you would like an exact match of your own hairline, then please send us a template (photo) of your hairline, and we will use it as a guide to design your Lace Wig.

Part/ Ventilation
Part/Ventilation refers to the direction of the hair strands in the front section of the Lace Wig. Our units can be designed with a part on right, left, at the center, or freestyle. We recommend “freestyle”, as it gives you the freedom and flexibility to part your Lace Wig anywhere. All of our stock units are designed with “freestyle” ventilation.

Head Measurements
Specific head measurements are used when designing Custom Lace Wigs, which makes it the most important part of the order. A soft tape measure should be used when taking the six specific head measurements. We recommend that you get someone else to help with the measurements and to measure at least three times to ensure accuracy. For those who opt to order a unit that is already in stock, it is still important to know your exact head measurements. Based on your exact measurements, you will know which one of our stock units will best suit you. Most of our stock units are available in small, medium and large. Sometimes we even carry extra small and extra large units so please be sure to inquire.

I’m sure you already had a general knowledge and know more how to choose a good wig just fitted for you through this article.

How to Style a Human Hair wig?


If you wear a human hair wig, there’s no need to skimp on style. Just style your 100 human hair wigs to upgrade your look or to give your natural hair a break from the rigors of daily styling products.



1. Wash your human hair wig gently. The gentler, the better. Put the wig on a wig stand.

2. Comb the hair of the wig with a detangling comb. Don’t comb the base of the wig or the mesh where the hair is attached.

3. Roll the wig with hair rollers while it is still damp. You may use a spray bottle filled with diluted setting lotion or water to keep the hair moist as you work with the hair to style it. This will help the hair to adhere to the rollers and give a good curl to the ends of the hair.
If you prefer to curl the wig with a curling iron, you may do so once it’s dry. Curl each section of the wig with a curling iron. Skip to “Step 6.”

4. Dry the wig. Either let the hair air dry overnight or place the wig and wig stand under a hard hat dryer. Keep the setting of the dryer low. It will take 45 minutes to 2 hours for the wig to dry depending on the length and thickness of the hair on the wig.

5. Take out the rollers once the wig is completely dry.

6. Style the wig to your liking using gentle strokes with a comb or wig brush. Spray a light mist of hair spray or spritz to seal the curls and the style.

7. Remove the wig from the wig stand and try your freshly styled human hair wig on to see how it looks. You may need to add a few finishing touches to personalize the style of the wig to fit your face.

What is a wig stand?


For those who own a wig, a wig stand is a convenient place on which to store, dry and style it. There are several different types, from inexpensive foam heads to suction stands that attach to a table. Regular care and careful storage will help keep a hairpiece looking its best. A good wig is an investment, and a wig stand is only one of several accessories available to keep it clean and tangle-free.

Most people are familiar with full wigs that cover the entire head, or toupées for men seeking to hide bald spots. A wig may have a standard cap to cover the scalp, or an open one to make it more comfortable. Synthetic wigs exist that are virtually indistinguishable from those made of 100 human hair and cost less, although many are designed in a particular style that can’t be altered. The most natural-looking wig has a monofilament cap with hand-tied human hair that can be parted and styled in any fashion.



All wigs should be stored on a wig stand when not being worn. It doesn’t matter what kind of stand is used, since the main purpose is to maintain the shape. For wig wearers on a budget, new or used polystyrene foam heads can be ordered from wig supply retailers. Many wig storage boxes come with this type of stand. A collapsible wig stand made of wire or plastic is usually less expensive, and works well for drying because it allows airflow through the wig.

Some people prefer to use a mannequin wig stand that looks like a real head, with plastic skin and features painted on its face. These are usually weighted so they stay put better than a polystyrene foam head. The polystyrene heads are so light, they sometimes fall over when brushing or styling the wig. One type has a clamp that attaches to a tabletop so it doesn’t slide around. The suction wig stand has a detachable suction cup base to hold it in place.

A freshly-washed wig should not be blow dried; instead, it should always be dried on a stand that allows adequate airflow, unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer. Retailers and salons that sell hairpieces have T-pins to hold the wig in place while brushing and styling, and combs, brushes and rollers, along with special shampoos and conditioners for both human hair and synthetic wigs. Unless manufacturers say otherwise, they should be the only cleansers used. Blow-drying or heat styling will melt synthetic hair and can damage delicate 100 human hair wigs.

Uniwigs Help Center


Can I color the hair?
The lace wig is made of 100% Indian human hair. If you are experience in coloring this type of hair, you can do styling on the hair as you wish on your natural hair. However, we cannot give you any advise how to color the hair. You shall use the procedure you learned how to color the hair. We strongly recommend not to dye the lace wig since most of our products have been colored, especially wavy, curly or yaki hairs. During coloring, the hair may be over processed or damaged. We are not responsible for any damaged caused on the unit during dying. However you can dye the virgin remy hair as this lace is free of any damage to the cuticles when dying.



Can I do highlights on my wigs by myself?
We suggest you to find someone who is experience in dying Indian Remy hair and let her to do the highlights for you. We cannot give you any detailed suggestions on how to dye your hair. You can look for help from a stylist with experience on lace wigs and Indian Remy hair.

How to measure the length of the wigs?
The hair length should be from the head top to the hair bottom as the hair is straight. the curl and wavy wig is process from straight wig, so in the same length, curl and wavy wig will be shorter by 1″-2″ (it depends on how deep the curl is) than straight wig.

Will my wig fall off when the wind blowing?
No, when attached with glue or tape the wig will be very secure.

Will the glues and tapes cause damage to my skin?
We suggest you to do a skin test before use if you are with sensitive skin. Most people are all right with the glues and tapes. However, if you have sensitive skin, we advise you to start with the Spirit Gum or Hollisters Medical Adhesive.

Is the wig supplied with glue and other accessories?
No. The wig is not supplied with free and other accessories, only user instructions in the package.

What kind of glue can I use if I’m with sensitive skin?
If you are with sensitive skin, we advise you to start from the Spirit Gum or Hollisters Medical Adhesive, which can be bought on the internet. We suggest you to do a skin test before use if you are with sensitive skin. Most people are all right with the glues and tapes.

Who are suitable for these wigs?
These wigs are suitable for everyone including young and old people, also adults, teenagers and children. Also they are available for cancer patients, alopecia patients and any patients with hair loss caused by chemotherapy or scalp disease.

Can I wear this wig if my head is full of hair?
Yes, you can also wear the hair after braiding your own hair in small cornrows by beehive or straight back. Also you can wrap your hair back simply.

Can I wear this wig if my head is with no hair absolutely?
Yes. These wigs are perfect choice for women with hair loss caused by cancer, alopecia and so on. Many women will renew their confidence when wearing full lace wig.

Do I have to wear a wig cap with the wig?
No, you do not need to use any wig caps under the wig. You can easily part your own hair at the same point as your wig before wearing the unit, which will strengthen your parting on the wig while use.

Can I attach the wig by myself without any help in the salon?
If you are new with the lace wig, we suggest you to seek help from experienced stylist in salon for attachment. However, we have included the instruction how to attach the wig easily, and you can attach the wig by yourself following our instruction.

Silk, or Lace Closure? Lace Frontal?


Lace frontals cover a larger area than closure as they will have a temple to temple hairline. This larger temple to temple area in combination with the replication of a natural hairline allows for many off the face type of hairstyles that are not possible with a regular closure.

Closures do not run temple to temple. Instead they are placed in the “horseshoe” area at the top of a weave to close off the style. Closures can be installed by bonding, as well as by attaching with the use of clips. The most popular method for installing lace closures is by sewing the closure then installing the rest of the weave around the closure. The closure is placed close to the edge of the braided foundation near the hair line.. The stylist then sews around the perimeter of the closure taking acre to stitch so that the stitches are concealed.



How to care for and Prevent damage!

Since closures and frontals are delicate in nature, it is important to take extra care to prevent damage or balding. Balding is when your closure piece begins to have a spot where the hairs have come out of the base creating a balding appearance. This can be caused by, excessive tugging, brushing/combing, scratching with fingernails or foreign objects, applying product directly on the closure piece, rough handling, or vigorous washing. Closures and frontals while mimicking a real scalp or hair line, cannot be treated like a real scalp. You must handle with care. Each hair is individually ventilated into the base, knotted and secured with a strong adhesive. Based on the construction of a the piece, you should comb/brush the hair from the ends, working your way up to the root while hold the hair at the root to prevent tension. Hair loss on closures is relatively easy because it is not weft hair extensions. Improper care of your closure will cause balding and unfortunately there is no way to fix this.